Experienced and professional native tutors

We know that being a native is a plus for some students, but we also hold language-related degrees and have experience in teaching Spanish to students from all walks of life: we’ve taught business owners, doctors, musicians, financial experts, engineers, university students and people from many other backgrounds how to express themselves and speak the language confidently.

Bilingual tutors

Are you a beginner and think that you might find it difficult to talk to a native Spanish speaker? Don’t worry! We’ve also been teaching English for many years, so we can switch languages if it’s really necessary. Also, if you’re a native English speaker, we’re fully aware of the differences between the two languages, and we can understand the challenges that you face while trying to speak Spanish.

Customized classes

We make sure our classes are tailored to your specific needs, whether that means learning Spanish for business purposes, travelling to a Spanish-speaking country or just doing the course for pleasure.

Feedback during the class and homework

We write down and correct the mistakes that you make while you speak, and we also give you detailed written feedback at the end of each class. In that way, you can always check your mistakes and the corrections after the lesson has finished, and you can also monitor your progress whenever you wish to do so.

We also send our students homework so that they can continue learning after the class. You can join us on Instagram to learn more grammar and vocabulary every week!

Free session and placement test

You can schedule a free twenty-minute session here. During the class, the teacher will make you speak as much as possible in order to assess your speaking skills.

This is also a great opportunity to talk about your objectives and expectations.

Small group classes

You can always join our small group classes where you’ll be able to learn Spanish in a group of 6 members max. In order to join a group, you’ll need to book a free session so that we can assess your level

So that we can assess your level. You can find more information about our group classes here

Speak Spanish from the very first class!